4 Ladies, A Diver and Mt. Apo

A week after the Lenten Climb 2013, I went back to Mt. Apo with 4 gorgeous Ladies  and a skin diver using Sta. Cruz  Trail.

My guests were 2 British  Naomi Victoria ,Chalotte Boyer , Niamh Ui Fhaolain(Irish) who work as Physiotherapist in Singapore and Mayette( Balikbayan from Canada) and Carlo Castro who loves to dive the ocean without any oxygen tank.

On this climb we managed to reach the summit around 1:30PM on the 2nd day for my companions were as able as my men when they trek and really loves outdoors and its beautiful features.

The mountain gave us good weather and let us experience the beauty of sunset and amazing sunrise which makes my guests feel very close to nature…..

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Lenten Climb 2013

During this  Years Holy week (March 28-31, 2013) , we have two handsome young German Climber guests (Andreas Hoecherl and Simon Nussstein ) who works as volunteers for the school children in Tondo , Maynila.

Our climb lasted for 3 days in which we were climbing with more than a thousand climbers who also likes to spend their  long vacation in the summit.

It was nice that we had a very good weather on this climb for we enjoyed and experienced a good sunset and sunrise and meet some old friends in the highest part of the country talking about our adventures under clear sky.

Here are some of our shots ,,,,,,

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Just A Proposal Climb

On the First week of March , I had a call from a guy in the person of Jan Israel Samaniego (Ish) who wants climb Mt. Apo together with Seven(7) of his friends and later informed me that this is a very special climb for him for he is going to propose to his girlfriend Jen(Jenny Lyn Quilala) during sunrise at the center peak  in which the later has no idea about his plan.

As for me and my crew, we are also excited on this climb for its seldom to experience this kind of event in which you have to make an enduring Two days ascend to the highest point of the country to make a wedding proposal to your love one,,,,,Its a very unique act of  love and devotion ,,,,,,

Luckily , Ish’s plan worked very well , and on March 17, 2013 at exactly 5:33 AM  it was a perfect  timing when he gave the engagement ring to Jen in the center peak  with a beautiful sunrise as a back draft,,,then tears of  joy , clicking of the cameras and clapping of hands happened and we congratulate the couple,,,

On this Three Days climb (March 15-17,2013), we took the Sta. Cruz-Kidapawan Traverse Trail Passing the boulders , camping at the summit, having lunch @ Lake Venado then down to lake Agco passing Ko-ong trail and Marble river where we stayed for the night and diiping to the hotsprings,,,,

Together with their Friends who witnessed the Proposal

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Valentines Climb with Nancy & Mark

The Month of February signifies the Month of the Heart and its 14th date is the best day of that season to be with the people you care about.

Luckily, we had a guest that would like to celebrate Valentines day in a different way,,,,and its in the summit of Mt. Apo watching its sun rises.

The couple were Ms. Nancy  Distor , a  Filipina who works in Dubai and American Mark Micallef who works in an airbase in Afgahnistan.

On this adventure , we have four days and three  nights time budget ,enough for us to experience most of Mt. Apo’s features in which we did not expect that Ms. Nancy could endure since she was a first timer on the outdoors. To our surprise , she manages to do the trekking from the base camp to the summit in a days trek and same as going down the 14 Km. descend from the summit to lake Agco passing lake Venado  via Ko-ong trail and Marble River in which Mark could not believe, but she did it.

I have a great adventure with this couple and here are some of  the  photos taken on Valentines day ,,,,,

Zip Line @ Camp Sabros

Visiting the Majestic Tudaya Falls

Sunrise @ Tumpis Base Camp

Passing the Sulfur Vents and the Boulders

Trekking at Butoy’s Ridge on the way to the Summit

Reaching Cabo’s Peak

Sunset @ the Summit

Early Morning @ the Center Peak( Apo’s Highest Point)

On the Way to Lake Venado

On the Way to Ko-ong trail

Giant Romblon on the way to Marble River

River Crossing @ Marble River

Visiting Lake Agco

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NEXT’s First Expedition Climb to Mt. Apo

On the 31st of January 2013, a group mountaineers from Nature Explorers of Tarlac (NEXT) made an great  journey to the highest point of the Philippines.

This group of Forteen (14)  young at heart professionals are from the  Catholic Church,Engineering, Archetectural , Medical, Info. Tech and Business field based in Tarlac who loves the outdoors and spearheaded by Engr. Ed Tañedo.

The climb took 3 days and 2 nights using Sta. Cruz Trail and utilizes Tinikaran Camp 1 as their Base camp which they arrive in the afternoon on Day 1 after an enduring farm and narrow jungle trail. On the 2nd day the group reach the summit of Mt. Apo around noon time which gives them the majestic view of the boulders and whats below it which makes the whole group became emotional for they could not believe that they have fulfilled their long dream which is to stand on the highest point in the Philippines(every Filipino Mountaineers Dream) and then tears of joy starts to flow on their cheeks showing an unimaginable happiness after two days of endurance.

After few minutes Father Jess Gragasin offered a Prayer thanking God for the success and safety  of the whole group then we head to the old crater for lunch and proceed back to the camp site and continue descending to the jump-off area on the 3rd day and back in Davao City safely.

During this climb , the group also accomplished  discovering Mt. Apo’s lowest summit, the Melvin’s Summit( 2,589 MASL) named after one member of the group who manage to reach that point passing Butoy’s Ridge given with his physical condition.

Here are some photos taken on this Climb,,,


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Double Traverse with Malaysians

On January 25-28, 2013 a group of Sixteen Malaysian Mountaineers headed by Ooi Soon Lee(Shun Li) made an epic  climb to the highest point in the Philippines, Mt. Apo using the toughest and the most technical trail to the summit which is the “Unhospitable Tamayong Trail” passing Mt. Talomo peak  and exit at Sta. Cruz trail by way of the Boulder Face making the climb a double traverse.

During this climb, the whole group( together with 12 of my crew) experienced long walks through long ascend, deep cliffs , river crossing under the jungles canopy  and enduring the rugged open boulders for  three(3) nights and four(4) days.

This climb was done following the appropriate time management as designed for the Itinerary of the group, making a successful outcome of the climb enough for the climbers to enjoy their hike , experience nature first hand and back to civilization on time. Thanks to their team leader and the whole group for keeping up with us and being prepared for this climb.

Here are some of the snaps taken from this climb,,,,,

On the Way Up to Talomo Peak

Crossing Sicao River

@ the Summit of Mt. Talomo

Descending from Mt. Talomo

Team Leader Shun Li @ a Water Falls in Kabacan River

On The way to Basingan Camp Site after Crossing Likbot Creek

Final Ascend to Basingan Camp Site

Enjoying @ Lake Venado

Group Shot before going to the Summit

On the Way to Mt. Apo Summit

@ the Philippines Highest Point( Center Peak of Mt. Apo)

Passing the Mt. Apo’s BoulderFace

Descend through the Boulders

A Pause at a Landmark in Sitio Colan (Exit Point)

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Lovebirds on January

Last January 17, 2013 had the 1st couple  guest ( Ms.Romylen Berja Barcena & Jhon Peter Beloy Anduyon) from Manila  to climb the summit this year.

Our climb was scheduled for three(3) days but we  were able to go down in two(2) days, by pitching our tents  at the 87 degrees campsite and experiencing the first sunrise of the year by taking a sort of prenup shoots of the two Lovebirds,,,,,

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Mt. Apo with Belgian Guests

It was still rainy season on the first week of January, 2013 , but it was not  enough to prevent Max and Julie Meerschman (the son and daughter of  a  Belgian Diplomat to the Philippines) to visit our Majestic Mt. Apo on the 6th and 7th day of that same month.

Here are some of our photos,,,,,,

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First Climb on 2013

On January 3, 2013 me and my Mountain Crew had our first guide ship climb to Mt. Apo to bring Nine(9) guests headed by Mark( Englishman) and Treresse (from Ilo-ilo City) Kerry who were based in Dubai together with their Cousin (Angie), nephews (Elian & Paul), and friends(Danny, Jennifer, Tina and Rocky).

During our pre-climb conversation my group was expecting that there were only Two(2) participant that were newbies in mountaineering/trekking experience and needs assistance as per instruction by the guest’s team leader and we made all the preparations starting from the Itinerary and job assignments to make this climb a worthwhile for them.

Unexpectedly,it was on the actual climb that I know that only Two(2) of my guests were experience climbers and the rest were all amateurs in the outdoors.

Successfully, seven(7) of them had  reached the summit on the 2nd Day and returned the camp site safely in Tinikaran camp 1 for the rest of the group decided not to proceed to the summit instead they helped my porters maintain the Campsite prepare our dinner and hot drinks upon our arrival.

During this climb I have realized that with strong determination and cooperation, every thing is possible and even Mt. Apo can be conquered and Mark’s group proves it.

Here are some of the photos that I took during this memorable Climb,,,,,,enjoy,,,,

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AMCI’s Mt. Apo Induction Climb 2012

Every year,  AMCI  Mountaineers  ( AMCI) conducts Induction Climb to accept their trainees as Full Pledge members.

This year, the group selected Mt. Apo via Tamayong- Sta. Cruz Trail to be the venue of this annual activity and it was done last October 31-November 4, 2012 under the Leadership of Niel Dagondon as their Club President and backed by his officers and their past President  Arnel Gabilan .

This activity was attended by 85 participants of combined aspirants and members of the club and merge with some ten participants in the summit using Kidapawan Trail.

This climb was the biggest number of  participants that we brought to the summit of Mt. Apo  with some of my 19 guides since 2009 with the same group.

Here are some of the photos I took that shows some of Mt. Apo’s features,,,,,

Complement to the Local Guides from Sitio Sicao of Tamayong, Trimmoc Tribu Chapter (Bolter, Obet , Dan2x and  Elvis) , Trimmoc Camoc Chapter ( Von2x, Paulo), Inchik of AMOSS and Roy of  Kapatagan . Thank you Guys for making this climb a successful one.

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