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About the Mountain


In the Philippines, Mt. Apo is the highest point with an elevation of 3144 Meters above sea level, making it the Grand Father of all Philippine Mountains and the dream mountain of every Filipino mountaineer.

Mount Apo is one of the must see and experience for every adventure tourist or backpacker who visits the country specially in the Davao Province where it lies.

There are four (4) well established trail in making a journey to the summit. These are:

*SIBULAN -MT. APO PEAK TRAIL…… Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur , Philippines

Considered as the most technical and interesting trail because of its narrow and different type of  trail  with very lush vegetation and pristine jungle which you can see the canopy ecosystem and different species of Flora & Fauna.

Its trail starts at a small village call Baruring, Sibulan, Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur which a back packer would pass a farm trail, jungle trail and boulders trail before reaching the summit covering a distance of 13.7 Km with elevation gain of approximately 2,000 meters from the trail head and recently the shortest distance from trail head to summit compared to the rest .

* KO-ONG KIDAPAWAN  TRAIL…….Kidapawan , North Cotabato, Phils.

Mostly used trail that is why it has the widest trail of them all which starts in then Kidapawan, North Cotabato. This trail offers a river trail , jungle trail and grassland assault upon reaching the summit. Although a little bit far  the covers approximately 19 Km ,the experience in trekking this trail is also challenging.

* KAPATAGAN TRAIL…………………..Digos, Davao del Sur, Philippines

This trail is an adjacent trail of Sibulan trail but a little longer in distance by est. 2 Km with wider trail together with some obstacle along the way.

  • Magpet Trail, NorthCotabato 

This trail is adjacent to Kidapawan trail and approximately 15.3 Km from starting point in Tausuvan Campsite in Magpet. The trail features Bongolanon  waterflls in the the starting point then brings you to the trail’s rain forest with some mossy areas specially if you reach the 2,000 meter elevation. This trail will also lead you to Lake Venado as a good spot for camping if you are on the West side of the mountain.

TAMAYONG TRAIL………Davao City, Philippines

Unofficially open trail to Mt. Apo which is considered as the toughest and longest way to the peak which makes climbers pass the Mt. Talomo Peak making it a double Major climb.

The   Boulders of Mt. Apo is one  of the famous  feature which would led to a  breath taking experience by ascending the crater of sulfur deposits and vents. Along the boulders, picture taking and  nibbling of sweet wild berries can be tried before arriving at the 87-degree cliff before leading the way to the country’s highest peak.

Seven(7) different peaks  can be seen at the summit of Mt. Apo and  peak hopping is the best thing to do. In one of those peaks ,  you can  feel being in an enchanted world by experiencing its  epic sunset and  in the morning , you can experience the mystic sunrise which gives unimaginable pleasure and under very good weather , you will observe the following : Davao side, South Cotabato’s Mt. Matutum, Lake Venado an other  surrounding provinces.

Philippine Eagle can also be seen if you are lucky enough on your way back.

In the foot hills of Mt. Apo, there are hot springs which would sooth relax your tired body  minimize muscle aches like the Mundo Apo hot spring, Agco Hot springs in Kidapawan and Mainit hot spring in Kapatagan which is a very ideal thing to do.

So, try conquering the Philippines Highest peak , dare to climb Mt. Apo for an adventure of a lifetime.

41 Responses to About the Mountain


    You climb a mountain for no other reason than because ” It is standing there! “. You don’t compete with anyone but only with yourself. It’s a one best way to commune with nature. When you reach the peak it gives a feeling that you are much nearer to God, so it is a priority that one must pray first upon reaching the peak. I tried climbing the Mt. Apo Peak last March 2012 via Kapatagan trail, and it’s really worth it!

  2. james sagal

    today, march27, 2013, we are going to climb mt.apo via sta.cruz trail. the only remaining trail which i have yet to conquer for me to complete all the routes in Mt. Apo. and by far, the talomo-apo trail is the toughest trail in mt.apo and arguably in the Philippines. so I invite all interested to come and experienced the magnificent mt.apo. note in climbing: take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time and especially ENJOY what mother nature could offer you.


    April 18, 2013: I climbed again and reached the summit on April 19, 2013 at 12:00 noon time. Too much clouds and drizzle, but with fast blowing cold wind, sometimes the sun penetrates, and in just few seconds you see the horizon and clouds below. Then vista changes to dark sights again..and clear view again.Feeling is exhilarating.. Awesome!. I pray to God that this Grand Father of all mountains will be respected and preserved as is. Most mountaineers just want to reach summit for ego purposes..they do not respect nature..garbage along the trail is accumulating since my last 2 climb, 2011 and 2012. I also hope commercialism will not encroach this honorable mountain.. I will hate to see businessmen exploiting it by constructing concrete roads up to the summit and putting Hotels and Cable Cars in the them I say “When are you going to stop destroying nature just because of your greediness?”

  4. silcax

    such a wonderful scene! i promised to my self after reaching the summit april of last year that I will comeback and experience its beauty yearly..thanks god i was able to do it again last april 29.but still looking forward for the next.

  5. Stephaine

    Hi, we make a plan to visit Davao in November. And we perfer to Mt. Apo if we have the time.
    Could you give me some suggestions to climb the Mt. Apo?
    Is it safty for the four girls to climb?
    And we plan to use 2 days to stay in there, maybe in 4th Nov to 6 Nov, and how much will to spend?
    Thank you so much and waiting your useful inofrmations.

    Best Regards

  6. Admer Rey Dablio

    Hi po to all!
    Ask ko lng po kung saan pwdeng makakita ng group na aakyat this April 17-19, 2015 sa Mt. Apo. Thanks po!

  7. Priscilla

    Thanks to Albert for arranging this. Thoroughly enjoyed myself on the climb, also thank you for the hospitality. Will definitely be back with my boyfriend and my friends! (: This time hopefully in April ahha

  8. Angela Marich

    Hello po. Im planning to go Davao on March 11-13, 2016. and gusto ko na rin po sana makapunta sa Mt. Apo. Saan at sino po kaya ang pwede makatulong sakin to arrange my trip? salamat po. 🙂
    please send details on my email po. MULI, Marami pong salamat. hehe

    • Gabo'


      Good day po, nice to hear that your eager to climb Mt. Apo.
      On the other side I dont have a confirmed sched on the dates you mentioned po since the minimum number of
      guests that I bring up is 2 Pax at P 7K each but I do cater solo climber at 11K with the following inclusions:

      Package Inclusion:

      • Permit to Climb and Exit Fee
      • Climb Certificate
      • Guide Fee
      * Transportation from Davao City to Jump-off Area and Back
      · Equipment Rentals for Tent, Sleeping Bag, Trekking Pole, Mess Kit and Stove with fuel
      • Meals for the duration of the Climb (dinner on the 1st Day Up to Lunch on Day 3)
      • Porter Fee for the Food and Staff in the Package
      * 1 Night Hotel accommodation in Davao City
      • Mt. Apo souvenir T-Shirt


  9. Izah

    Hi Sir. Climbing and Conquering Mt. Apo is on my Bucket list for 2016. And I’m very eager to have the climb before I turn 22 this year. Do you have climb schedules for the -ber months?

  10. Joms Santos

    Hello! I’m interested in doing a solo climb if ever. Or would it be more advisable to go as a group? thank you! 🙂

  11. melvie

    i’d love to go with my friends too… will call you for the schedule soon!

  12. Jeck Valenzuela

    I’m a newbie to this kind of hobby but i’m very interested to it. I’d like to climb via Tamayong Trail. How much would it cost me if I take take this route?

    • Gabo'

      Hello po,

      For inKindly send an e-mail or text me on this mobile no. +63 917 556 0499/ +63 0998 9799880 for more inquiries and clarifications.



  13. June

    pde na po ba akyatan ang Mt. apo? pagkakaalam ko kasi off limit pa for 3 to 5 years?

  14. juliet yeth baquiran

    hello po ilan araw po ba akyatin ang mt apo meron po ba tour kung sakali aakyat s mt apo magkano po ba bayad ano po ba puwedeng dalahin s hiking ng mt apo intirisado lang po ako masubukan maghiking s pinas hikers po kc ako d2 s hongkong

  15. Mary

    Hi… im from kota kinabalu sabah malaysia. We planning to visit kidapawan city this coming july. On the 21st july we would like to climb the mount apo. My question is can we climb and go down on the same day.
    Thank you

    • Gabo'


      Goo day, yes you can do a day Hike to the summit via Kidapawan Trail but its gonna be a very long day hike.


  16. David Bracey

    My girlfriend and I were really interested in hiking Mount Apo. We both absolutely LOVE nature! My question to you is two-fold: One…How much would it cost us to have the licensed tour guide show us the best possible routes to take? Two…Where are some places along the trail where we could rest, refresh ourselves, and take a one-minute break? THANK YOU!!!

  17. Ericson Enopia

    hi Sir Albert.

    Kindly update us the soonest possible time if you have already set schedule for Mt. Apo traverse for January next year (preferably the first week).

    Thank You

  18. Rufo

    How much would it cost if I climb alone?

    • Gabo'


      For a Solo Climber,our lowest offer is 10,500.00 Pesos inclusive of:

      * Climbing Permit
      • Climb Certificate
      • Guide Fee
      · Equipment Rentals for Tent, Sleeping Bag, Trekking Pole, Mess Kit and Stove with fuel
      * Transportation from Davao City to Trailhead and Exit Point to Davao City
      • Meals for the duration of the Climb (dinner on the 1st Day Up to Lunch on Day 3)
      • Porter Fee
      * 1 Night Hotel accommodation in Davao city
      * Mt.Apo Souvenir T-Shirt


  19. Rix Camus

    .. Good day Sir .. Is there any Available schedule for Mt. Apo before Christmas? from this date Dec 16-2017
    Via Sta. Cruz Trail.

    can you sent me also the quotation for two person with full package Climbing Equipment , Guide and porter?

    Thank you!!

  20. Erol Avanoglu

    I understand that now climbing to the peak is allowed especialy to the tourists..
    Is it possible to do a solo climb with my pinay gf alone . I will be coming from Turkey to General santos and I plan to climb to this mountain and I plan to fly a drone at the peak to better view and document and promote the mountain as well.
    How long does it take to climb up to the peak once we start climbing?
    Thank you in advance.

  21. Lou Eriksson


    What month is best to climb Mt. Apo?
    we are group of 5 how much will it cost us?
    we are from Subic Olongapo City..

  22. sheena mae nuñez

    Hi! Is it possible to dayhike mt. apo? thanks!

  23. Andee

    Hello 🙂 What about the Mandarangan trail? What can you tell us about this trail? And out of the mentioned trails, which one do you recommend? The one witht he best view/s I guess 🙂

    • Gabo'


      Mandarangan Trail is part of Kidapawan trail West of Mt. Apo, the feature of this trail is the jungle trail and Lake Venado.


  24. Mary Ann Vinson

    Good day po … Planning for ko ong kidapawan trail this saturday. I need assistance. Thank you ma’am/sir.

  25. Emma

    foreignerscan go to mount Apo now?how much for it cost for one person

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