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Mt. Talomo

Mt. Talomo is an adjacent mountain of Mt. Apo having the height of approx 2,666MASL making it the 2nd highest in the area.

This mountain features very dense jungle and mossy forest at the summit.

In the morning you will experience the sunrise on its East side and get a very good view of Lipadas water shed and Mt. Apo to the west side.

The trek will take you 3 days and 2 nights in which you have to endure the steep trail and cold weather but worthwhile after completing it.





Package cost is P5,500.00

No. of Guest: 8-12


Package cost is P5,700.00

No. of Guest: 6-7


Package cost is P6,000.00

No. of Guest: 4-5


Package cost is P6,500.00

No. of Guest: 2-3


Inclusive of :

•        Permit to Climb
•        Transportation from Davao City to Jump-off Area and Back
•        Guide Fee
·        Equipment Rentals for Tent, Sleeping Bag, Trekking Pole, Mess Kit and Stove with fuel
•        Meals for the duration of the Climb (dinner on the 1st Day Up to Lunch on Day 3)
•        Porter Fee for the Food and Staff in the Package

*        1Night Hotel Accommodation in Davao City

*       Documentation Photos on SoftCopy
•       Mt. Apo souvenir T-Shirt


* If You hire 1 personal porter to carry your personal things additional P 2,000.00 for the whole duration of the climb.

* Please be reminded to do some jogging and stretching  at least 30 minutes a day  2 weeks
before the climb to be fit
•        Pls be informed that the temperature could drop to 1 degrees so kindly prepare  appropriate layering ( Fleece and Jacket)
that could withstand to that temperature  to get warm.
Kindly bring rain coat or poncho since it might rain within the day of our climb, hopefully well
have a good weather.
•  And dont forget to bring trail food for you to nibble while Trekking

*  Also please Bring the following:
1. Bonnet /head gear
3.personal Meds
4.gloves for trekking( construction gloves with rubber coating is recommended)
5. Flashlight/torch
7. Trail Foods( Chocolate, biscuits and etc)
8. Water Bottle (at least 1 Liter)


Meal Plan:

Day 1

Dinner : Pork  Sinigang on Rice

Day 2
Break Fast: Beef LOaf with Rice with HOt Choco/ Tea/ Coffee
Lunch:   Adobo with Rice
Dinner:  Pasta on Tomato sauce with Tuna and Iced tea

Day 3
Break Fast: Corned Beef with Rice with HOt Choco/ Tea/ Coffee
Lunch: Canned  Tuna On Rice

Day 1
5:00  AM Pick-up at Green Windows Hotel

5:15 am ETD for Jump off point at Purok 6
6:10am ETA Calinan, Buy Pack Lunch and BreakFast
6:40am Depart for Purok 6
7:10am ETA Purok 6

8:10pm ETA Sitio Sicao Take Rest(1308 MASL)

8:30am ETD for Talomo Summit

10:00am ETA Lastwater Source

Lunch On the Trail
3:00PM ETA Balabag Ecamp( 2235)

5:00OM ETA Talomo Peak (2666MASL)
5:15pm Pitch tent, dinner
08:00pm Lights Off

Day 2
04:45am Wake Up Call
05:00am Prepare breakfast/packed lunch and fetch water
7:30am Descend to Utan Camp Site

Lunch on the trail
4:00PM ETA Utan Camp Site

5::00pm Pitch tent,
6:30PM  dinner
08:00pm Lights Off

Day 3
05:00am Wake Up Call
06:00am Prepare breakfast/packed lunch and fetch water

8:00AM  Trek to PIkot Falls , Tres marias Falls and Sicao Falls
010:30am ETA Sicao Falls and Tres Marias Falls

Enjoy the falls and have Lunch

01:00pm Back to Utan Camp Site

02:30pm ETA Utan camp Site then Break Camp and back to Sitio Sicao

4:00pm ETA Sito Sicao

5:00pm ETA Purok 6

6:30PM ETA Davao City


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