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First Climb on 2013

Posted by on March 7, 2013

On January 3, 2013 me and my Mountain Crew had our first guide ship climb to Mt. Apo to bring Nine(9) guests headed by Mark( Englishman) and Treresse (from Ilo-ilo City) Kerry who were based in Dubai together with their Cousin (Angie), nephews (Elian & Paul), and friends(Danny, Jennifer, Tina and Rocky).

During our pre-climb conversation my group was expecting that there were only Two(2) participant that were newbies in mountaineering/trekking experience and needs assistance as per instruction by the guest’s team leader and we made all the preparations starting from the Itinerary and job assignments to make this climb a worthwhile for them.

Unexpectedly,it was on the actual climb that I know that only Two(2) of my guests were experience climbers and the rest were all amateurs in the outdoors.

Successfully, seven(7) of them had  reached the summit on the 2nd Day and returned the camp site safely in Tinikaran camp 1 for the rest of the group decided not to proceed to the summit instead they helped my porters maintain the Campsite prepare our dinner and hot drinks upon our arrival.

During this climb I have realized that with strong determination and cooperation, every thing is possible and even Mt. Apo can be conquered and Mark’s group proves it.

Here are some of the photos that I took during this memorable Climb,,,,,,enjoy,,,,

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